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Peer Review / Super Lawyers 2014

Jakab Law, PLLC is a full service AV rated civil trial law firm. Its attorneys have come to Jakab Law, PLLC after gaining considerable trial experience at well-established law firms in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Our firm specializes in handling significant and difficult civil cases that are destined for trial in either Federal or State courts.

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Practice Areas

Professional Liability

No amount of education; experience; or licensure can fully protect a person from the possibility that he/she may someday be sued for an act or omission arising from their work. Professional malpractice lawsuits can have a profound influence on a professional's career and ability to earn a living. Given the gravity of these cases, hiring a firm that understands the significance—and potential consequences—of these civil actions is crucial.
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Insurance Law / Bad Faith

Successfully handling insurance related matters requires knowledge of the industry; knowledge of the law; and considerable experience working with both primary and excess carriers. Our firm specializes in handling high-exposure general liability matters directly on behalf of insurance carriers and as appointed counsel for their insureds.
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Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Defense

Significant cases involving personal injury are relatively rare. In most cases, the Plaintiff and Defendant have one chance to obtain justice in a court of law. Consequently, in matters involving considerable damages as result of major or catastrophic loss, it is very important to engage a trial law firm with the experience both defending and prosecuting these cases. Our firm ensures the utmost attention to detail when handling personal injury cases.
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Commercial & Condominium Law

Given the state of the current economy, the prevalence of commercial torts is rising. In many instances, business owners are having to write-off delinquent debts; consumers are not receiving adequate benefit from businesses for services rendered; and letters and phone calls are going unanswered. This may be a natural consequence of a difficult economy, however, our firm can assist businesses and consumers explore viable options to resolve commercial issues and exercise their legal rights through the court system, if necessary.
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Premises Liability

Lawyers who practice in the area of premises liability must have constant awareness of this rapidly changing area of the law. In the past few years, new statutes; rules; and building codes have altered this area of the legal landscape. Accordingly, Florida courts are reacting and developing this body of law as they confront new and ever more complicated cases.
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Commercial Trucking Law

Accidents involving commercial vehicles require special care and attention. Given the scope of federal and state regulation over trucking companies—and the high likelihood of serious injury associated with accidents involving commercial vehicles—it is of paramount importance that legal counsel has the knowledge and experience to competently handle these cases.
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Federal Civil Practice

Many attorneys and law firms tend to avoid litigating matters in the federal system, given the differences in procedure and trial practice—our firm does not. In fact, our lawyers prefer to litigate and try cases in the federal system if that venue is warranted and favorable under the facts of the case.
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Appellate Practice

Our firm is dedicated to obtaining justice for our clients—even if that means taking cases to the highest appellate courts available and exhausting all avenues for redress. As a civil trial firm, we are especially cognizant of the appellate considerations in every case we handle—whether disposed by summary adjudication or tried to verdict.
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